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jonnie wake  BA Hons. Dip. EGS    |   design studio

garden  &  landscape design   |   planting design

By combining a broad range of horticultural and architectural disciplines, we aim to create gardens with a strong sense of place.

We don't employ a 'signature style'.  We design gardens that fulfil the needs of our clients, whilst remaining sensitive to the specific requirements of each and every site.

Good communication is critical to our process. From the first point of contact we like to emphasise the importance of thorough dialogue during the initial briefing and throughout the contract.

Every element of the design process is undertaken, progressing through the stages of surveying, submitting written reports, draughting plans, writing specifications and bills of quantity and submitting planning applications if required.

garden survey.jpg

i )  garden & land surveys

Following a meeting to discuss the brief, a written report is submitted and a full measured survey is performed.

These provide the basis upon which detailed design plans can be drafted.  It also enables accurate costings to be quantified.


Elements such as existing built structures, large shrubs & trees and topography are all plotted, to form an accurate measured representation of every aspect of the existing garden. 

In addition, written notes and photographs are taken with reference to the integrity of existing structures and as well as the health of plants and trees.  An analysis of the site forms the basis of a written report that accompanies every survey.

Scheme Design.jpg

The preliminary design proposal is the first submission and forms the basis for all future design developments.  

It is an outline design only and does not include detailed elements such as herbaceous planting or construction details.

ii )  scheme design proposals

3D garden rendering .jpg

Optional drawings to help our clients visualise the proposal.

iii )   3D visualisations


Detailed working drawings for the purposes of accurate costing and construction detailing for setting out on site.

iv )   layout plans  |  working drawings

Construction Detail .jpg

Where necessary, more focussed details are required to specify the methods of construction for specific elements.

v )   construction detailing

vi )   mechanical, electrical & plumbing

M.E.P. plans can illustrate locations of outdoor lighting units and electrical switching and circuit diagrams, as well as irrigations systems and conduit runs.

HARS01 dimensions and setting out 1.jpg

A planting plan is a drawing that specifies the plants that will be put into your garden. It shows the position, variety and quantity of plants for any given area.


vii )   planting design