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Nordmann Fir
  • An outstanding favourite, accounting for 70% of all tree sales

  • Superb needle-holding ability

  • Impressive glossy, rich green foliage

  • Large, soft family-friendly needles, great for young children and pets.

  • Ideally suited to indoor display

  • Available in sizes from 1 to 6 metres.


Quick and easy to position a tree, the adjustable screw fixings safely secure the tree upright and firm.

Designed to hold up to two days water supply to keep the tree fresh. 

Cinco stands have low, wide reservoirs allowing easy access for topping-up.

  • We endeavour to hand pick only the very best, premium cut Nordmann Fir trees.


  • We cannot offer you a choice of tree on the day of delivery because the trees are wrapped up for safe transportation.

  • We will contact you in November to arrange a delivery day during early  December.

  • If requested, trees are collected and recycled during the first week of January.


  • Due to Covid restrictions we may not be able to enter your house to deliver or collect your tree.  Trees should be left outside or brought to the door.

Nordman Fir